Monday, March 30, 2015

Power Back On - Still Cold Showers

The same Monday, last Monday, we got our power back, but we still haven´t gotten back our warm water. We have been working a lot on finding other investigators, because the ones that we have are not progressing very well. We have been trying really hard and the most likely to be successful have not really been too receptive these last few days or we haven´t really been able to find them. We are looking for other people that are ready right now and doing all that we can to teach other people that are prepared to make covenants and follow through on them. There hasn´t been a whole lot this last week, but working the best that we can and still things have been difficult, but doing our very best to find success, but it just hasn´t come this change.

It has been a really long time without hot water it has been over a month.... I have been getting a cold and haven´t been feeling very great this last week, but we have kept working looking for success, but things have slowed down for me a lot even though we still have a really good attendance. The attendance has gone up to 163 this last Sunday and was around 150 the whole month. Things are improving, just that our investigators haven´t gotten to church lately. I am exhausted at the end of each day and things just haven´t shown the same results like before. I am still looking for the people that are truly prepared to be baptized. It has been a rough change, but things overall for me are not that bad. I am getting along really well with my companion.

Thanks for all of the support and always writing even though I am bad about details. I don´t have pictures this week. Somehow I forgot my camera in the house and will have to try to send some pictures this week from houses. Conference this weekend we will have to go to the Church for all of the sessions and leave to lunch and other things provided by the members. I am really excited about conference, because we have lots of opportunities to help people hear more from the General Authorities.

We haven´t actually started using the Easter Pass-Along Cards and videos yet. The mission wants us to use them this week, so that is what we are starting today. I am really excited because it should help us to find new people interested in what we are teaching and be our way to find more success. About the Easter Concert I haven´t heard anything and we sent in the surveys 3 weeks ago.... It is a little frustrating because things don´t appear like they are going to happen as of yet, but I don´t have any idea honestly. 

Thanks for the photos they look fun. I hope that that shares a little more about how things are. We are going to be walking a lot this weekend to get to all of the reunions to see Conference. 

The phone system here has a setup that sends messages when someone has called you when you weren´t available or has become available to call so that isn´t it. We always know if someone has tried calling or anything.

Sorry that I don´t have more time but I have to be done now thank you for everything and I am trying to do better about the details. Sorry if it is still lacking. I am doing my best right now in the details.

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