Monday, March 23, 2015

Tough Week. No Electricity!

It has been a really hard week for me we haven´t had a lot of success still no baptismal dates. No we haven´t seen the Catholic family. Flavia and Oliver got separated and Flavia isn´t listening to us anymore. There is a lot going downhill. We had 13 lessons and to make things worse we haven´t had warm water in 3 weeks. They cut our power 3 days ago so we are in the dark in the evenings and mornings, the only time that we are in the house. The fridge is gone so we have to buy food daily now because we only have the stove to cook. We had to throw out some food because of the fridge issue. We can´t charge our phone much, so we almost always have a dead phone. I am doing pretty well health wise, but doing my best. I don´t know if I will stay or what, but Root Beer Extract would be nice and maybe something for Elder Argyle´s birthday in April but that is after changes so I don´t know if I will be here. They don´t sell dry ice, so we have to make it with root beer extract to have home-made root beer. Thanks for everything and I will try to keep you updated.

I am sorry you are struggling.  Did the Office Elders not pay the bills or what?  What have you done to try to get power restored?  Have you called the Office or Mission President?  Have you talked to your District Leader and Zone Leader?  Don’t let it go on for long.  It will be too disruptive to your work. 

I can send Root Beer Extract and then you can just mix it with sugar and water to make Root Beer punch like we have done at home.  It is 1 cup of sugar and a Tablespoon or two of extract to a  half gallon of water. 

Ya that would be really nice. Also Elder Argyle´s birthday is next month but I might change before it come around. I have no clue. Thanks for everything. I have been trying but haven´t gotten around to sending photos and I have been looking for photos to take but not that many to be honest.

You sound very discouraged today.  I am sorry.  Keep trying.  Things will work out.  Have you talked to someone about getting your power and hot water back on?  Why is it off?

I have many times. I went through my leaders first and they knew we didn´t have water and when our power went I called them and they told me they had called the leaders but I called the Pensionists anyway. My leaders now can´t call us because our phone is dead and we haven´t seen any results which really makes it hard to be happy. I have had a horrible week and everything is going bad for me lately.....

I am really sorry and I will pray harder for you to be happy and have success.  Go talk to the Bishop of your Ward and see if he can call your Mission President or ask to use his phone and you call the Mission President.  Don’t let it go on because it will just pull you down.  What does your companion say about it?  Is he trying to resolve the situation? 

Satan wants to discourage you.  Don’t give in to him.  Every missionary goes through tough times.  Remember when you were in Lo Espejo and the toilet wasn’t working.  You got really discouraged then.  Once it was fixed, you were able to be happy again.  Get this fixed now.  Today!!!  Go find a phone and make some calls.  Work your way up the chain of command till someone responds to help you.  District Leader, Zone Leader, Pensionists, Office Elders, Mission President if you have to.  Don’t let it continue. 

You can’t function well when your environment is not good.  Investigators are like that, too.  They have to have their basic needs met first before they are willing to listen and change.  Sometimes Heavenly Father tries to help them to see how much they need him, but still some won’t take time to see when life is hard. 
Don’t worry about the photos.  Just snap one or two of you and your companion.  It doesn’t have to be anything special.  I just like to see your happy face. 

I love you Braxton and I want you to be happy. 
What else has been going on that made it a horrible week?

That is basically it showering with a flashlight in the bathroom in the still dark with ice cold water is really discouraging for me.... Not to mention that we can´t call to make appointments anymore really makes me not have any desire to do the work because I will have to walk all day passing for everyone without appointments set.... That is the most discouraging part for me.

Then take time today to get the problems fixed.  Why don’t you have enough minutes on the phone?  Why aren’t your bills getting paid for electricity?  What is your Senior Companion doing about it?

We are in the same situation the both of us. Our phone is out of charge..... Out of electricity..... We have called the mission and today I wrote to president about the issue in my letter. Hopefully things will work out.

Okay.  That is good.  I hope he responds and gets you some help.  If you don’t hear from him today or if someone has not contacted you to help, then go borrow a phone and make some phone calls.  Heavenly Father doesn’t want you to suffer like this.  You can’t be effective missionaries if you don’t have the basics.  What have your District and Zone Leaders said?

They said they would call the leaders and get it fixed but it has been another 3 days....

Okay.  I think you need to go borrow a phone and call your Mission President today.  You really can’t work like this and be effective missionaries.  I know you are a Boy Scout, but take action.  Don’t just sit in the dark and wait.  I am sorry it is so hard.  Remember you are loved by us and by Heavenly Father and Jesus.  None of us wants to see you suffer. 

Can you send another email to the Office Elders or Assistants to the President while you are still on?

I don´t know I just sent one but I am just done... I am out of time thanks for everything I will let you know how things went with this week though. Thank you!

You will be in our prayers.  We love you so much.  Keep your chin up and smile! 

Love always and forever,

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