Monday, March 2, 2015

First week with Elder Argyle

Thanks I am doing well. Elder Argyle has 19 months in the mission. It is his last 4 changes and he has had a hard mission with a lot of disobedient companions, but that happens at times. He has only had 1 baptism and it was in his first 2 changes.... He is a little down at times because of that and he just got changed and he had a baptism about to happen in like 1 more week..... Things are good. We are doing well and looking for more people to teach and help be successful. There is a lot of work to do, but we are looking for people and time is the biggest problem here.

What do you mean, “Time is the biggest problem here.” ? 

I hope that Elder Argyle is willing to work hard and be obedient so that you can be successful while you are together.  You have had baptisms in almost every one of your changes and you can do that again.  Just have faith, be obedient and all things will work together for your good. 

Time because the people work and leave and forget about our appointments even though we have had like 6 a day and they are frustrating when you have 6 appointments and end up with 2 lessons..... I am a little frustrated with things this week. We only had 13 lessons. I don`t know, but it isn`t going so great right now. We have found some new people, but getting into their houses and time is the battle, but we are working hard because time goes by so fast here....

I hope you have had a great week.  Please tell us about it and send lots of photos.  I did get 9 photos this week.  Thank you.  They were great.  Please continue to send more when you can.  I also added Camilla as a Facebook friend.  I will have to send her a message.  Does she speak any English?

I have been thinking a lot this week about why you didn’t get to train.  I wonder if President Barreiros put you with Elder Argyle so that it would be easier to attend singing practices.  I hope they are going to do an Easter program and that you will get to participate.  Tell us anything you might know about that. 

How did your week go with Elder Argyle?  Are you getting along well?  Who are you teaching now?  You mentioned Jonathan’s mother-in-law.  What other investigators do you have?  Do you have any baptismal dates set?

What meetings and activities have you had in the mission this week or in the past few weeks?  Was there a big conference recently?

When you had transfers last week, did you meet Elder Marcel Simplicio and Elder Cole Mason?

What miracles happened in your life this week?

Did you buy the yellow shirt or was it a gift?  I like it!

Camila speaks English and so does Guillermo her husband, but it isn`t perfect, but they understand it. I haven`t met the new missionaries. When they have the whole mission together the new missionaries aren`t in the mission yet. We haven`t had anything since changes and the yellow shirt was my Christmas present from Elder Correa, a Columbia jersey soccer... We are teaching Dercy, Jonathan`s mother-in-law. We are teaching Flavia and Oliver. They are a couple, but Oliver is a less active, but they aren`t married and they are planning on getting married in December. We are teaching William. We haven`t seen Pamela in more than a month. We are teaching Oscar and he isn`t married and smokes, but we are working on that. We are teaching the Blas Family. They would be 3, but they aren`t married. We found a new family Saturday, but couldn`t teach them, but we are going to come by them next Saturday and they are married. They could be 2 or 3, if their oldest daughter is 8. We also found another couple that were really receptive that we are going to visit tomorrow and another guy named Reinaldo that we taught and are going to visit again, but he is going to move soon. We are working, but success is slow and we are trying to renew what we have. We have a goal of 3 baptisms in the next 5 weeks. We are doing our best and neither Elder Argyle or I have entered the baptismal font yet, so we are looking for success.
Thanks for everything and that should answer a lot of your questions. Sorry I am doing my best.

Stop saying Sorry.  I know you are doing your best.  You never, ever do less than your best.  You are a hard worker and always give so much.  Thanks for telling me about the people.  You have a lot that you are working with.  True, many have issues that will keep them from being baptized right away, but the Lord will provide a way if you are willing to do the work.  Remember to pray like everything depends upon the Lord and then get up and go to work like everything depends on you.  Be positive and build Elder Argyle up.  Learn about him and love him.  Be his best friend in the mission.  Find little ways to serve him like making him breakfast, shining his shoes or ironing his shirt for him.  If you are serving him and loving him, things will work out for both of you.  I always found that when I was serving others, my problems seemed less bothersome.    

You know the realities of it.  You have been working with these people for a while.  Make follow-up calls before you go to remind them if you can and keep your chin up high.  Make backup plans when you can and put your trust in the Lord that He will help you when things fall through.  If you are working hard every day, then you don’t need to be disappointed in the outcomes.  You did your best.  Just wake up tomorrow and do your best again. 

It just gets hard when we walk so much. Straight shot from one side of our sector to the other is around 15 minutes walking normal pace. Fast is like 12, but it is hard to get everything in. It is even worse when you verify and everything and they still fall through.... I don`t know, I am just doing my best. It is hard, because we have run out of minutes lately. We were out from Monday until Friday, so that made things really difficult and we couldn`t verify anything because we couldn`t call much.

When you can’t call them, call Heaven!  Pray with all your might that they will remember.  Try to plan your appointments so they are closer so you don’t have to walk from one side to the other for every appointment, unless you enjoy that fast paced exercise!  You look like you are losing weight.  Are you?  Your suit looks very loose in one of the photos from last week.  Are you sending me more photos this week?  I would love to see another photo of Elder Argyle. 

Be happy!  Don’t let the frustration get to you.  Make a joke or laugh about it.  You can seriously get the work done while laughing along the way.  Just remember we love you every single day and we know you are always doing your best.  We are proud of you and love you so much!  Elder Argyle’s family loves him, too!

We were out of minutes and I am pretty sure I have been praying a lot, but sometimes prayers can`t change their wills or forgetfulness. I know that the Lord prepares their paths and that we run into people a lot that are in the weirdest moments, but the most prepared at the same time. Thanks for everything!

I understand.  But trust that God will provide miracles.  Trust in revelation every day of your mission.  You don’t just receive it on special days.  You should be receiving it every day.  Work towards that goal.  Pray often throughout your day.  I bet if you increase your prayers together as a companionship that you will see more success.  The Lord knows what you need before you do, but he likes to hear from you, just like your mother does.  Send him a smile often throughout the day.  Let him know you are there just waiting to do His work.  Let him guide you to those who he has prepared.  I know there are still people in Santiago that are waiting for you to find them.  With 6 million people there, God has to have prepared a few dozen for you to teach.  Go out and find them!  Maybe they are at the park flying kites!  Maybe they are at the post office and you can mail me that SD card while you are there.  Be creative in your approach.  Sing!  Smile!  Greet everyone that comes by.  Just keep on trying.  You will find success this transfer.  I know it!  I believe in you!

Did you get your package yet?

Nope no packages recently. That`s fine we have pouch Wednesday. I am out of time I am going to reply and then I will be off thanks.

Okay.  Wednesday will be a surprise then.  Open the box at your District meeting and share the love!  I sent a box full of smiles!  I hope you love it!  You are such an amazing son.  I love you so very much.  Have a fantastic week. 

Love always and forever and ever,

Thanks for everything and for all that you do I really appreciate it. Talk to you next week love you!

I love you.  Don’t ever forget it!

Photos of Elder Argyle.  They must be at an investigator's home.

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