Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Baptism of Karla

The week went really well. Karla got baptized and her kids all came. She didn´t really want to invite many people, so we had it as well with another person from the other ward that we share buildings with. It went really great and we are preparing her son, Alexis for this Sunday, because he attended church this week. Her other daughter, Yaresla didn´t come to church, but came to the baptism. She also is listening to us now and we are preparing her for the 6th of December. So both weekends we are going to have baptisms. We are doing our best to prepare them and keep on finding more people prepared to be baptized in the weeks to come. 

Congratulations!  I am happy it went well and that you will have more baptisms coming up.  Tell me more.  Is Lissette still progressing?  Are any of her family members or friends interested in the church?

Awesome!  It looks like she chose Elder Espinoza to baptize her.  That is great!  Did you get to confirm her on Sunday? 

We haven´t been able to teach Lissette since last Monday and she didn´t come to church, but we are going to see about putting another baptismal date for the 6th of December. We are looking into a lot of details and working to help many people all at the same time. We are looking into going to the Temple with many recent converts this weekend. The last time that we wanted to go, it fell through.

When does Mikayla Holt go into the MTC? Is she going to be in Chile for the MTC? Also can you send me her email address so that I can keep in contact with her?

From one of Kathy’s emails. 
Makayla recently received a mission call to Chile Concepion and will be departing December 2nd to the Mexico MTC where she will learn Spanish. 

That will be neat to go to the temple with recent converts.  Take some photos with them there.  Are you helping them to prepare names for baptisms for the dead?  Which families are you working with?  This seems like a very appropriate week to take them to the temple.  Have gratitude for the many blessings you have in your life and help them to see what they can have for eternity if they continue to receive all of the ordinances and make covenants.

I saw a post on Facebook about making this Friday a White Friday by going to the temple instead of a Black Friday with all of its crazy shopping.  I am planning to go to the temple that day.  I am hoping dad will go with me.

Then we are going to have a late family Thanksgiving with our family on Saturday.  We probably won’t have Jeff or Rob, but everyone else should be there.    

No, we let the Bishop confirm her. I could have, but it isn´t so important, the details. I have confirmed at least 2 people that are my converts so far. I don´t stress over the details just over the ordinances that bring salvation.

That was very thoughtful of you.  Her Bishop will be there a lot longer than you and it will give her another connection to help her be active in the ward.  I hope this family is able to make lots of friends in the ward and feel that they belong.  They are a beautiful family.  I wish they had the stability of having a father in their home to help them.  The Lord will bless them and maybe someday they will have that blessing in their lives.  Do the kids see their father at all now?

Makayla will spend Christmas at the Mexico MTC.  That will be hard for her, but she will be fine.  I made a Merry Christmas banner with the photos of Christ for Makayla and took it and a couple of other things up Sunday for Kathy to put in her luggage to send with her as a surprise.  Kathy has been so busy she hasn’t had time to think about Christmas on top of the wedding and missionary preparations.  She was grateful.  I also made a banner for Braiden that I am going to ship to him. 

I told Makayla that I would give her address to you and that you would write to her.  I know she will appreciate it.  I know you and Braiden have been examples to her and have helped her to decide to go and serve.  If Braiden can go and serve with all of his health problems, then anyone can.  Braiden is doing awesome.  You should write to him, also.  He might not write back.  He has a hard time writing emails, but he sends his parents the videos he records on his camera and Kelly gets lots of photos of him from the ward members where he serves. 

Are you still there?  Do you have any plans for Thanksgiving Day this week?  I hope you get your package.  It is at the pickup point waiting to be picked up.  Hopefully that will happen today, so you can receive it tomorrow.  The package has some Thanksgiving foods that you can fix for you and your companion or there is enough to share with a couple more people if you wanted to. 

Do you have any more photos of your sweet face or your district or zone?

I love you so much and I am so proud to be your mother. 

Another parent posted these two photos on Facebook this week.  They are photos of Braxton's district in Penaflor before he was transferred in.  The elder with red hair is Elder Hansen and he was the trainer for Elder Espinoza.  Braxton replaced him in this District.  I believe the other missionaries are all still in his district.  

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