Thursday, November 12, 2015

Photos of Elder Goode's District in Penaflor

I guessed wrong on these photos, so I will update the information.

These photos were shared by Noemi Aguilera on Facebook tonight.  She is the sister in the orange shirt in the photos.  The hermana in the purple skirt is her daughter and these were taken at their home.  The photos show two of the four companionships in Elder Goode's district in Penaflor.  Hermana Tolk and Hermana Vincent are not in the photos and Elder Tenney and Elder Anderson are not in the photo.  

In the bottom photo, Elder Goode is on the far left.  His companion, Elder Espinoza, is the third elder from the left.  The elder next to and in front of Elder Goode is Elder Brooks.  The Elder next to the Hermana in the orange shirt is Elder Alcaraz.  Elder Brooks and Elder Alcaraz are the Zone Leaders.  The sisters on the far right are Hermana Erthal in the pink skirt and Hermana Pizarro in the white skirt.  

I am grateful that Hermana Aguilera was kind enough to share these.  

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