Thursday, November 26, 2015

More Emails because of Power Outage

We are working with Yaresla mainly because she will need more knowledge of the Commandments and less with Alexis because he won´t have as many possible challenges. We are also working to have Karla helping us more in the lessons, so that her kids get baptized. We have the baptismal interview for Alexis this week. I did a baptismal interview last Thursday and she got baptized on Saturday. I have another one that I am doing today and possibly another this weekend, to do for Sunday.

Things are going great. I am writing because I was writing and the power went out here. We couldn´t finish our time to write, so we got permission to write today. Sorry, that is why I disappeared briefly. I didn´t get the package, but I did get the one that Alex Cox sent me for my birthday. I will get the other package tomorrow, because we have a reunion in Maipú as a mission. I will go and ask for it from Elder Chuquel and Elder Allen. We also had interviews and inspections in our houses today. It went well. They want us to find another house to move into because this house is a little old and slightly worn down. We are going to start looking for another house to live in. It will be a process as well. 

That will be neat to go to the temple with recent converts.  Take some photos with them there.  Are you helping them to prepare names for baptisms for the dead?  Which families are you working with? 

I don´t even remember holidays anymore. I don´t remember them until after they happen or someone reminds me. We are working with Karla, Marisol, Monserrat, Fernanda, and Sandra. Sandra is a member that has a little more than a year but we can take her as well. We are planning and verifying everything still and we need permission. We will also be looking to take Gid with us to help. 

This picture is funny for us. We were working to find new investigators in a group tracting activity and we found a street named lluta which said in English is Utah. We also found new investigators there it was really funny for us. 

Note: I think he meant Spanish when he said English, because the double L in Spanish is said like a Y sound.

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