Tuesday, November 10, 2015

District Leader and Upcoming Baptism

I am doing fine. I am in the Zone Peñaflor in the sector El Sauce 1. As you heard I am serving as a District Leader. I was surprised as well. I have a District of 4 companionships. My companion is Elder Espinoza from Ecuador. He is from Guayaquil but lives in the South Mission. My other companionships are Elder Tenney and Elder Anderson they are both newer missionaries and Elder Tenney is training Elder Anderson. They are in Peñaflor 2. Elder Tenney is from California I believe and Elder Anderson is from Utah. I also have 2 companionships of Sisters. Hermana Tolk and Hermana Vincent that are in El Mansano 2, which their ward shares a building with mine. Hermana Tolk is from my group but this is her last change in the mission and Hermana Vincent is from Texas. Also Hermana Erthal and Hermana Pizarro are the Sisters in El Sauce 2. We share a ward with them. Hermana Erthal is from Brasil and I was in a District in Talagante with her. Hermana Pizarro is from Perú, from Lima.

This is a photo with Elder Espinoza on the far left and his trainer, Elder Hansen on the far right.  Elder Espinoza has been out for two changes and is starting his third change with Elder Goode as his companion.  

I don't have any photos of Elder Tenney and Elder Anderson yet.

This is a photo of Hermana Tolk on the left and Hermana Vincent on the right.  

This is a photo of Hermana Erthal.  I don't have a photo of her companion, Hermana Pizarro yet.

Things are going great. My first day in the sector with Elder Espinoza we had a new investigator that had listened to Elders for a long time, but had never progressed and they stopped passing by. We found her the first day and she accepted a Baptismal date and to read the Book of Mormon every day until she gets baptized. She is doing really well and went to Church Sunday and has a baptismal date for the 21st of November.

Things are going really well. Elder Espinoza just ended his training and I am his 2nd companion. Things are really great. I am lucky to have a bike because walking really hurts.... I don´t enjoy walking anymore. It is a lot of work.

The Zone Leaders are Elder Alcaraz from Argentina and Elder Brooks from Utah, from Brigham City. He has one change less than me and started in the zone Ochagavia while I was there. The work is going really well and we have so much to do. The attendance Sunday was 97 which supposedly is higher than normal and we are doing really well. I am happy with all that is going on and doing my very best to serve and do all that I can.

These are the Zone Leaders, Elder Brooks and Elder Alcaraz.  

I am so happy for you!!!  I am happy that you will have a baptism soon and that you are going to have this opportunity.  I will look up each of these on the Mission Christmas Poster, but I suspect some will not be there as they are newer than when the poster was printed.  It is weird to think that the sisters that came out with you will be going home in one more change.  I am sure there families are so excited that they will be home for Christmas. 

Is El Sauce the name of your ward?  I can look it up on the church maps and see where you are.  Which half of the ward do you have?

Are you getting along well with your companion?  That is neat that he is from Ecuador.  Maybe Curtis can write to him if things slow down with their house.  They are hoping to move in this weekend, but there is still lots to do to get the house ready.  Curtis has been working so hard, probably the hardest he has ever worked on a project.

I did call about your glasses.  They are trying to find them and are supposed to call me when they do.  I may have to send the package without them and put them in the next package.  Crazy!!!

Be a good leader and love these missionaries like they are your family.  Take some photos and find a friend in the ward willing to email me some photos of you.  J  Does this ward feed you well?

This cyber lets me send photos so you will get them from time to time.

Yea!!!!  J

So take one of you and your companion and send it to me today, if you have time.

Is this still the bishop of your ward?  Zapata Rubilar Bishop

Did you get to speak in the ward on Sunday?

Yes this is my Bishop and they let me present myself on Sunday. Also the 2nd counselor to the Bishop is a member that used to live in Lo Espejo which is awesome. The ward is feeding us well. Karla our baptismal date also has 2 other children at the age of baptism which is awesome as well. She has 4 kids.

That is so awesome!!!  You have waited a long time for some great baptisms.  I am so excited for you.  It is cool that you already know the 2nd counselor.  I think this is going to be a very special place for you in the mission, a place where you will make many great memories and find people the Lord prepared just for you.  Good luck!  Work hard!  Heavenly Father and Jesus love you and so do I! 

I know thank you so much. The 2nd counselor asked for our phone number to go out and visit with us, because he already knows me. And I remembered him and then he was able to remember me. He was so surprised when I remembered his name and wants to help us. Things are going so well. There is also a family of new members that not all are baptized yet, where there are 6 other people with potential to be baptized and only 3 have been so far, so 9 in total from the family. I am so excited to be working here. I have divisions with the zone leaders tomorrow in their sector in Malloco with Elder Brooks tomorrow after District Meeting and Pouch. We also have inspections of our houses on Thursday so there is a lot going on and I am so busy. I love you and I am out of time. Talk to you next week!

Do you know your street address?

Is your bike in good condition?  How about your companion’s bike?  Do you live with any other Elders?

Tell me more about your companion next week?  What does he like?  What is his family like?  What do his parents do for a living?  How many siblings does he have?  Etc. 

He is a convert and he was the first to convert in his family and afterwards his mom and his sister. He likes soccer and played professionally in Argentina in El Rosario for 8 months and has traveled to Brasil to play as well. His parents aren´t married and are separated, but open to visit together so not distanced. I don´t know what his parents do for a living. He has 5 siblings. There are 6 children. He is the 4th, I believe. We live with just the 2 of us in the Comúna Padre Hurtado in a condominium. We have good bikes. I just need to repair the pedals and the motor and after that the seat, that has minor issues, but it is working great. His bike is doing well also. 

Your bike has a motor? 

Does Elder Espinoza want to play soccer professionally for his career?

He wants to be a Police Officer, but wants to keep playing soccer as well if he can to make money. Motors inside the cranks.

Have a great week.  I love you lots.  Remember that always!  Be Goode!

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