Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Finally finished Visa

Thank you so much for the pictures. I am doing really well. I am exhausted and slightly sick, but I am doing well. I am working hard and we finally finished the Visa this week.... Thank goodness.... I am doing well. We weren`t able to have Sebastian get baptized yet. This Sunday he was with his Dad to explain his desire to be baptized. We are going to verify. We encouraged him a lot this week. He went to Mutual for the first time and had a really good time. His cousin Ronald went as well. That was a blessing. We are working with the young men so that they are inviting them to activities so that they feel included. I really hope that this helps them to feel more included. We are doing all that we can to help him get baptized this Saturday. There were two baptisms in the district this weekend. One got confirmed yesterday and the other got baptized. We have two firm baptismal dates for this weekend in the District. Sebastian isn`t firm yet. I am going to be verifying this, but I feel that he could be baptized this weekend.

I haven`t received the package yet, because we haven`t had pouch. We should have pouch on Wednesday. I am glad that so much is going well in the family and that everyone is enjoying themselves. Thanks for the updates. I have stopped focusing on the school ordeal for right now. I don`t know what to do honestly. In my head to me it seems that I will be lacking around $15,000 to $20,000 for college if I am not mistaken, not aside from other costs.... I don`t have a clue. I just know that the Lord will provide something and we need to keep looking for the answer, because the Lord has it placed somewhere to allow for me to study without having problems.

Hi Braxton,

It is good to hear from you.  I am glad you finally got the Visa done.  I hope things will work out with Sebastian.  I am sure he wants things to be good between him and his Dad.  Are any of your other investigators close to baptism yet? 

Keep praying about school because the deadline to accept at Neumont is before you come home.  I really feel like you should go to Neumont, but this has to be your decision.  Even if you are short some money and have to take out a student loan, you should be able to pay it back quickly after you graduate and get a great job.  I think you will have a better chance of getting that great job if you go to Neumont and you will get there a year sooner.  I wish there was an easy answer, but sometimes you have to step into the darkness a step or two not knowing what the outcome will be before the way is made clear for you.  If you go to Weber, you may graduate without having a student loan, but I don’t think you will find as great a job.  Pray and tell me in a week or two what your heart feels is best.   

I without a doubt have felt that I don`t need to go to Utah State or Weber.... I haven`t felt that way in a long time... I was meditating about why I didn`t apply to BYU and felt that most of the reason why was because I felt so great about Neumont and going there. I feel like I need to be there, but I am just unsure of how to come up with the money. I feel like the Call Center would be a great option for me coming home. If I am not mistaken Rebecca is working there now and she started there around a month ago. You could ask her about her experience and verify what her feedback is. I feel like I would be able to work there easily. 

Okay, then let’s just go forward with Neumont.  I will complete the acceptance stuff and get taxes done and apply for the FAFSA.  Maybe there is a way for you to get a PELL Grant, but I doubt it while you are living at home.  None of the other kids could qualify till after they got married.  Things will work out with money.  After you get home, we can go down to Neumont and talk to a Financial Aid officer. 

Braiden Parkinson just started at Convergys in Logan.  I will ask him and I will check with Rebecca and see what she can tell me.  I am sure it is a little different than when I worked there. I will also look and see if there are other call centers around and what they might pay.  I think you could probably make quite a bit during the summer and maybe there would be a way for you to work for the couple of weeks you are off between each quarter of school.

We will also get the car registered for you and insurance on when you get home.  Dad says your car has a crack in the windshield that we need to get fixed before we register it.  We will work on getting you a cell phone as well.  Do you have a preference on iPhones?  5S, or the smaller 6 or larger 6? 

I am sorry you have been feeling tired and sick.  Make sure you are taking your vitamins and allergy pills and that you are using your inhalers every day even if you don’t feel you need them.  You will be heading into winter again and the inhalers should help you stay on top of it.  What symptoms are you having? 

I have been taking everything. I am working on it. I have had a slight cold, but not really that strong. I am looking into everything to see what else I can do to improve everything. We should be moving this week. I really hope that happens. I really want to change houses. It could be an aspect of cleanliness, because we haven`t had a ton of time in which to clean, because of so many things that have been happening. I have been sick like this for around a month.... Oh well that happens. I am doing a lot, but there is never enough time to accomplish everything on my to-do lists....

Are you still there?

I know you have so much to accomplish each week while on your email.  I was just hoping to hear more from you today. 

Are you teaching Ronald?  How is he progressing?

Ronald went to Mutual this week with Sebastian. Ronald is basically ADD and doesn`t focus in easily. We are working with him and he is a joker. We haven´t had a lot of success there, but we are working slowly on it. He had a great time at Mutual, but we need to keep working and being persistent. I am not out of time quite yet, but I am really close. I had a lot to do. I have to report a lot of information and I was doing that after the initial letters.

Stop stressing so much.  That will help you feel better.  Stress is not good for you. 

I hope you get moved this week, too.  Is there mold in your current house?  That could be making you sick.  What is taking so long on getting moved?  Will you have to clean your current home after you move out?  Is the new home newer?  Does it have any mold problems?

The new house will be amazing. I would describe it being like Michelle´s house. Basically the same size.... It will be really new. We don`t have mold. We just have a worn down house and we need to clean and prepare a little more to move. I am finishing my bags so that we can move quickly. The wait is because of the Pentionists. We are waiting for them to come and move us.... They have their work order as well. I am fine with it though.

I don`t try to stress, but my mind doesn`t like having a to-do list that is overflowing and not having the time to wind-down. I really have been looking for ways to have that right now. I have been listening to several audio books because of that, because they are calming and help a lot. Thanks for everything and I need to go now. I love you and sorry if I wasn`t able to tell you more.... I was able to help with the roof of Sandra and Mario´s house a little bit to help them put their roof supports up so that they could fix their house. That was fun! I had a great time there. It was a quick project, but it is great that they are renovating.

I know. You are always busy while you are on email.  Things will work out.  Even if you don’t make great progress with Ronald, you are planting seeds that may someday sprout.  Keep working hard.  I hope you can get moved into a cleaner apartment and I hope that will help you to feel better.  You look really thin in the photos you have sent lately.  Do you think you might have a parasite?  Does the mission give you something to kill those before you come home?  If so, make sure you take it.  I worry that you are so thin.  I have doctor and dentist appointments setup for you when you get home.  Lots of fun to look forward to. 

I love you so much.  Have a great week.  I hope your package arrives tomorrow and cheers you up. 

Love always and forever,

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