Tuesday, February 9, 2016

My Little Friend

A couple of pictures with my new companion, Elder Agostinelli, Juan Carlos and a little friend.

The Tarantula was very calm and we took a few pictures to enjoy.

I have considered writing to President, but I really don´t like asking about his plans for the future. I really don´t have a clue, but I know that the Lord knows what He wants for me and I don´t like to try to change His will. I am more willing to wait and see what the Lord has for the future in all things. I don´t really have a preference, but I honestly wouldn´t mind anything that the Lord sends. Not training doesn´t bother me at all. It would be nice, but I am more happy with serving than all the details and assignments. The assignments aren´t important in the long run. It is more important how we serve to bless the lives of others.

I am happy you have such a great attitude about it.  The Lord will bless you and bring many wonderful people into your life wherever you serve.  Where doesn’t matter so much as how.  You have served Him well and been willing to submit to all things He has asked you to.  I know your life will be blessed because of your humility and meekness.  I love you, Son.

I am enjoying the work and that is what is important. I wouldn´t mind being companions with Elder Agostinelli longer. Everything works out great for me. I would really like to keep working here, but if the Lord wants me to change sectors it will be fine. Time passes quicker when there are changes in the flow of life. I don´t mind changes. I just don´t like the good-byes. I need to start preparing farewell invitations here to send to people that I met here so that they can come and say bye before I go home. I am really happy just doing. I never have enough time for everything that I need to do, but I keep working and doing my best to find the time. I feel exhausted quite often, but that is how things go in the work.

Thanks for everything. I will get back to you next week. I appreciate everything and sorry that I don´t write more. I have a lot that I have to inform on every week. Sorry I am doing my best to be more descriptive. We have seen many blessings and we should be moving houses this week. So much to do and never enough time for everything.

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