Monday, February 15, 2016

VISA renewal

I am doing really well. I have a lot going on and I am really exhausted. We haven`t had a full Preparation day this change yet. I have had to go to Santiago every week to do Visa work and we still haven`t finished. Today was horrible. We were in lines waiting all day and I am drained. Our baptism fell through that we had planned for this Saturday with Sebastian. He passed his baptismal interview and everything and was really excited for it. He invited his Biological father on Friday and we were preparing for Saturday. His biological father called his mom and told his mom that he wasn`t going to support his son and that he didn`t want his son to get baptized. We found out about everything when Sebastian called us to cancel the baptism.... He wants his dad to support him even though he could still get baptized when he wants. He needs to talk to his dad and explain why he wants to be baptized and the importance to him so that his dad will come and support. I know that he will get baptized. We are pushing to have it this Saturday that is coming. But it was frustrating. The Sisters from El Manzano also had a similar situation, that the family of their baptismal date Beranice didn`t come so she postponed her baptism as well. They want to baptize her this Saturday as well. We are most likely going to have to do a Noche Blanca (White Night) and plan all of the baptisms together. 

I don`t have a clue right now about school. I have enough to focus on. I am not stressed. I know that the Lord made promises to me about school and the mission. I am just doing my best and he will prepare the way. Thank you for always doing your best to help me and bless my life I really appreciate it. I don`t have the time or the patience right now to focus on College. I am stressed out right now as is.

I have so much to do.... We still haven`t moved, I have to go to Santiago again next week for 4 Preparation days in a row and I never have time to relax. Everything is happening all at once. I am doing my best and working to bless the lives of those around me, but the time is a major issue right now. I am sorry that I have not written that much lately. I have so much that I have to report every week that is also part of my cyber time.... Sorry. I am doing my very best and I know that it doesn`t seem sufficient. I haven`t taken pictures lately sorry... I love you and I am doing my best to find the time for everything. Thanks for the help and looking into all of the possibilities. I really appreciate it. We have a lot of work to do to help the people right now. It is really hard being in summer and having so many people on vacation when I have to be helping them all be at church and becoming closer to Christ and they aren`t here.... It is hard right now to find the success that I am looking to have in the work. I`m sorry that I haven`t been able to write more but I really wish that I had the time.

 I am sadly out of time and I will write next week. Thanks for all the good news. Good to know that Shara is doing well and that Curtis and Alex had their baby and that Maddison is doing well. Enjoy the family time and I imagine that you and Dad will both be in happy grandparent mode for quite a while.

See you next week! Love you! Bye!

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