Monday, February 1, 2016

More About Elder Agostinelli

Thank you for the update about everything that is going on. Things are going really well. Elder Agostinelli is said Agos, ti, nell, i. Like it is written..... He is really great. We are working really hard and we had 4 investigators attending church this week. We had Maria again. We had Sebastian and his parents, Yessenia and Leonel at church. Leonel is his step-dad but they are really close. Yessenia is his mom. Yessenia needs to get divorced to be able to get married with Leonel before they can get baptized. She wants to get baptized and is working on her divorce right now. It should be a few more months before it turns out. Sebastian could possibly get baptized this week, if we can get it all setup well. We aren`t positive, but I really would like it to happen sooner than later.

Today, I am sadly at a different cyber which doesn`t read my camera so it will have to be something that I do later to send pictures. I have them and everything, but I can`t send them today. Sorry I would love to, but it isn`t going to happen today.

The work is going really well. We had 28 lessons and 18 new investigators this week. We are working hard with a lot of people and we found a new house, so we are looking into the possibility of moving there in the next week or two. We are excited to hear what happens. It is an amazing house in our sector. We had help from Brother Salvador who is a convert for Peñaflor, who helps all the missionaries. He has an assignment from the mission to help us here in the stake and with bikes, houses and other details, so he found this house and it is really awesome. Our Mission President wants us to move to a better house so this should make him happy and his wife mainly. We have been looking for around 2 months... The summer vacations are taking all of the people to the coast to the beach. It makes it hard sometimes, because the sectors empty of people because they are all on vacation.... Oh well, that happens, but the Lord keeps on blessing and giving us opportunities to bless and serve the people. We are doing really great. I know that the Lord is working hard and providing so many opportunities to improve and do more every day. There are a few baptismal dates in the District right now. There are 3 to be exact, but much more potential aside from that. I am really happy with the results that we are seeing. I can`t believe how much has happened lately.

I am so happy for you.  Hard work pays off.  It will be good for you to move to a nicer house.  I hope you get to stay in it for a little while.

Elder Agostinelli is from Araquipa, Perú to verify and help you know a little better where he is from. He is the oldest kid in his family and has 4 younger siblings. He is 18 and has been out of 5 months. His first sector was in Republica in Avenida Matta. He had 3 changes there and his trainer was Elder Brightwell and his 2nd companion for his 3rd change was Elder Bello. Things are going really nicely and we are getting along really well. It is a little harder having to plan everything daily and do all of my phone calls but I am doing my best and he is being very patient with the complication of having so much to do every evening. I really appreciate all that you do. Keep working hard the Lord sends blessings to all of us. I am so happy right now doing all that I can and the time keeps going. I am happy doing all that I can. I love seeing the happiness in the lives of those that have received the Gospel and are applying it in their lives.

I highly doubt that. I feel like this will be my last change here in El Sauce. I think that President wants to send me to do a White-wash, Training, as a District Leader to end my mission for the last 2 changes. I wouldn`t be surprised if it happens but I could stay here as well. I have no idea what will happen. The Lord is the only one who really knows what will happen for each of us. I am grateful for the blessings that he sends and have seen so much help coming from him in His work.

I am out of time but I will write next week with pictures I love you thanks for everything talk to you next week!

I love you Son.  Keep working hard and thanks for being so awesome.  We love you so much.

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